Apr 17, 2014


So late with my 52 this week.

Marlo- bird watching while she waits for breakfast

Romi- cranky, muuuuuum pick me up! She is great at the furrowed brow.


Apr 8, 2014

New?? Really?!!

So a large chain store has released a new range of bed linen, you may have heard... When I saw it I though a lot of it looked familiar. I'm not going to say who they are I'm just going to tell you if you are looking for some bed linen, see the links below.
Scroll down further to see their "new range"
Top right: Harvest Textiles cloud cushion
Top left and bottom right: Fictional objects triangle fitted sheet and zig zag quilt cover
Star cushion from Colette Bream
Left: Pony rider cushion
Top right:Striped monkey softie from Etsy here
Bottom right: and my personal favourite, raindrop cushion by pauletpaula available here
Below is the "new range" from the company.
You decide.

Lots of to the moon and back cushions are here! Hundreds of variations in fact.

It's really disappointing, but not surprising as this company has done this numerous times before.



Apr 6, 2014


A portrait of my children once a week for 2014
Romi- always cheeky, always dirty, always cracks me up.
Marlo- nailed the cross country this week, ran the whole way, didn't stop to walk, very proud of her.
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Mar 30, 2014


A portrait of my children once a week for 2014.

Romi, drawing at her little table and chair we just put back in the lounge room. She is so thrilled to have her own little space.

Marlo, on the floor in the hallway, Romi is standing at the barrier wanting to get to her, yelling MAAARRRMO!!

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Mar 27, 2014

Friday link back

How cool is this tablet cover?

This is what a big busy kitchen is really like, but a lot of the same frustrations are felt in any commercial kitchen.

I'm not really a huge cat lover so this is CREEPY!

Thrilled to be favourited by the amazing Tina Roth Esinburg.

The final season, season 7, of Mad Men starts in mid April! Can't wait!!

Still blown away by the response from everyone here and on IG and the speed with which some of you crochet and knit!! Lots of you have asked how many we want, we say, as many as you can or want to make! Our group will pass them on if we can't use them but we are very keen to keep going with the kits. There is a great TED talk here by Celeste Mergen who started Days for Girls.

An easy explanation of how crazy it is that all of the food is in a small part of the world and so much is getting thrown out, while people literally starve to death.

Kids around the world with their favourite toys.

Made me cry. So inspiring.