Aug 21, 2014


                                                   A portrait of my littlies once a week.

Marlo with Caramel.
Romi on her daily egg mission - it's always a nerve wracking journey back down the garden path, we loose an egg every few days, she takes her job so seriously. 

Aug 13, 2014

32/52 late again….


 Marlo and Romi playing outside in the cubby and jumping on the trampoline- its how we spend our days. 

Aug 6, 2014

30/52 and 31/52

I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago!! 40!!  We had a big party planned- 40 adults and about 25kids and babies- i know- it was going to be FULL ON! When we woke up in the morning it was cloudy and overcast and I was worried it would rain. We have a huge deck at our house but not big enough for 40 people and 25 kids to sit comfortably and eat duck confit and pulled pork! and the food was the most important part!

So at about 11am I pulled the plug. We sent a text around saying that we had to cancel and we were sorry but I just wouldn't enjoy it if I was worrying about rain.  It did rain- enough that it wouldn't be nice to sit outside- not enough to fill the tanks though, but people just came anyway- saying well we wanted to pop in and see you anyway and at least say happy birthday - so what was going to be a big lunch turned into a smaller one and our friends who had came from Sydney made our deck look gorgeous and moved all the tables up and made one huge table- where we ended up having lunch for 20 instead. So maybe it was even better than a big party? 

I ordered posies from some beautiful gardeners and we planned to have a loooong white table with lots of flowers in the winter sun and pizza for the kids. 
But instead we had a big square table and lots of flowers and it was really nice. 

 Romi is scared of one of our friends- it cracks us up because he is the least scary person - but he has a loud voice and for some reason she freaks out - have you ever had that? where your child just freaks out over one of your mates?This is Neil!! Chef!! have I ever even shown him on my blog??? look at the horror on Romis face- Andy is nearby! 

Duck confit, slaw, pulled pork, a million salads and breads…

 We asked our friends who are expert bakers to make cakes for us- since they ahd already baked they came to bring us there cakes!

 I had heaps of sparklers for the kids- packets and packets.

Three days later on my actual birthday we went to Urunga and walked the boardwalk - our friends from Sydney were up and we ate fish and chips.  So lucky to live here.

Week 31 portraits. I had almost fallen off the 52 project wagon but am back on now!! Here are last weeks! 

Romi- playing peak a boo in the cubby she made!
she loves putting on her slippers like Marlo.

Marlo- trying to make me turn around and look out the window by saying Mum look at that bird outside mum mum look look and then CACKLING when I looked. she is so funny! i feel like every week her photos she is in her pyjamas. 

Jul 20, 2014

Jul 8, 2014


A portrait of my children once a week for 2014.

It was so warm last Sunday. We were at a friends house and we watched the farrier change the horses shoes.