Oct 16, 2010


 So, the totally ace people from Bosco Bear sent me some wall stickers to try and a whole big pack to giveaway. I thought the Devonshire tea party design would be the most popular because well, I like it, and who doesn't love tea and who doesn't love dogs? huh? tell me who??  It is valued at just under $100- so this is an extra special exciting giveaway.

the review bit:
When this arrived I thought lordy it's  ENORMOUS!! On the website they look way smaller than they actually are.  Busy and I ( and really it was just so helpful having her help me, really...) opened it up and I was surprised at how big all the stickers were. In fact we still have some left over, for another rainy day... here is ours, obviously, as you can see the holes in the wall...
We still have a whole other dog, and  chairs and some cakes, a teapot etc still to go. They were pretty easy to apply and  they look so great. Busy pats the dogs before bed- as only three year olds can. yes, they are very girly, but they aren't going in bedroom. Also,  it is not too early to start hoarding Christmas pressies.

To enter, and sorry this is for Australian readers only, just tell me:
 how you like your cup of tea, it can be a dream cup of tea, and if you don't drink tea tell me what your most relaxing drink is... the person with the most original answer judged by Chef , as he is completely independent, will be the winner.
Giveaway closes Wednesday 20th at 7pm EST and the winner will be announced shortly after.


  1. The stickers look fabulous!
    Well, I don't drink tea much but I do have very fond memories of drinking it with condensed milk in it - ONLY when Mum ran out of fresh milk, which didn't happen very often and it was a real treat.

  2. Golly, you're making me wish I lives in Australia...

  3. I like my tea served to me by a naked butler on a silver platter in bed!

  4. Personally I do like a cup of soy chai (so trendy, sorry Chef!) I used to work at a restaurant and the chef was a lovely Indian lady, who taught us to make chai properly, with about 6 teaspoons of sugar per cup! We hippy-fied it and used soy and less sugar, but it's so delicious. Cardamom! Ginger! Cinnamon! Pepper! Plus the other stuff.

    So, I would like a mug of chai, with a gingerbread biscuit for dunking. It's really cold today! Agh! So lots of ginger! If it warms up again maybe I will feel like iced tea, who knows.

    And a naked butler sounds good too :)

  5. hello, where is this naked butler!!! all I can say it's very cold here today in Melbourne sooo...
    I agree with Penny, soy chai definitely with lots of honey..mmmm, I am having one now.
    want a cup? I'll put one on for you ♥

  6. i like numi tea with milk please!

  7. I don't 'do' tea unless I am with other people but I definitely find half a cup of milo with some milk added to be a most relaxing drink. teehee. Cherrie

  8. I adorde my tea served hot, n bed by my husband.
    That sounds sexier than it really is but when it comes to my cup of tea in the morning, I'm only focused on the TEA!

  9. I love Russian Caravan tea with a dash of milk and a home made bikkie on the side (will settle for bought though)
    Gotta have a cup of coffee, in bed in the morning to get started , tea just doesn't cut it!
    I can see those amazing stickers in the ballerina's bedroom in my new house (sigh)

  10. Almost a cliche, but still...
    in a real pot - proper black tea, warmed pot, hot hot water, turn the pot after a rest to settle the leaves, pour, just as the scones come out of the oven, warm sunshine but cool enough to really want your tea scalding and your scones piping hot. Home made blackberry jam, over melting butter, dollops of raw cream, slurping tea, sticky fingers, oh, another scone, this time homemade apricot jam, ooh, good, slurp, oh but the tea is gone, another cup, still hot - quick quick...

    Aaah. collapse somewhere totally sated and consider making a new pot when the need for it overtakes the need to lie down and consider the merits of another scone...

  11. hot, splash of milk, no sugar...I'm sweet enough already (bet you haven't heard that one before).

    What a brilliant giveaway! Thanks Cath. xx

  12. Gee I was going to enter but I don't think I can compete with the naked butler and all! Besides I'm really much more interested in the cake that comes with the tea. (Mmm right now I'm thinking a nice wedge of flourless orange & almond cake with a blob of double cream would be rather lovely...)

  13. Again its you with the great giveaways!
    I'm not a tea drinker and I would have nowhere to stick such enormous stickers but I'd love to take this opportunity to say howdy to your chef boy while he's judging this. Have a happy weekend. X

  14. It's all about the cup, and the company!

    A daily ritual, cherished for the escape it brings.

  15. Those stickers are too cute!

    I have developed a liking for crazy herbal teas - you know, the type where people peak into your cup, get alarmed by the colour and moderately intrigued by the smell. Hehe. :) Cranberry/Rasberry is the curreny favourite.

    ~ Laura (Moags)

  16. ... with lucy!

    (white, from a pot, in a china cup please)

  17. Crickey - pressure is on to come up with something original. Must stick however to what is tried and true - I love English breakfast tea with all the fanciness that goes with it - little jug of milk, tea strainer, tea pot and a couple of cubed sugars or a little pot of honey all served in old wedgewood china. Complimenting this would be a bit fat slice of a handbaked passionfruit sponge cake with thick fluffy cream. Geez, I could do with one of those right now...

  18. Quite simply - I like my tea made by somebody else. My wonderful husband has been the tea lady in our house for the last 7 years and he doesn't even drink it!

  19. I'm not technically a tea snob, but I do prefer freshly brewed with a cinnamon stick chucked in the pot served in a decent receptacle (no thick rimmed mugs or foam cups please). If I could recreate the tea my Nana and Pa used to brew, I'd be a happy girl. Unfortunately the secret went with them to the grave.I know they mixed up a selection of tea leaves and brewed it in a lovely china teapot!

  20. I drink Lipton's tea. I'm not sure that it tastes better than any of the other brands of tea... really that isn't important to me. I drink Lipton's tea because I walked to the top of the mountain and sat on Lipton's seat at his plantation in Sri Lanka. We walked through the clouds to get there... and just as we arrived they lifted and I was treated to the most splendid view of the valley and all the surrounding tea plantations. Magnificent.
    So ... how to have my tea... nothing very fancy most days. I have two small children so I am just thankful for getting the kettle on... so it is a tea bag for me most days. There is a routine though. 1 small teaspoon of sugar, then the tea bag, then the hot water (that has only been boiled once). Jiggle. (singing: "everybodies jingling! Lipton's jiggling! Oh the flavour... its quality number one" in my mind at least once uninterupted by the children... so some days this can take some time)
    Then remove tea bag with teaspoon wrapping the string around it to wring it out so to speak. Then used tea bag is plonked on holly hobbie tea bag collector thingie. Tea is now stirred and spoon tapped three times on edge of mug. Milk is added to the whirl pool of tea.

    Tea is now sometimes drunk ... or left to go cold as some household drama is attended to.

  21. I love my tea from a pot. Stir in 2 teaspoons of homemade chai mix (condensed milk, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, ginger.. I think that is about all). I prerfer to be sitting on the back porch overlooking the garden in the mid afternoon with my best friend (my daughter Lucy) joining me with her cup of milo. Bliss.

  22. Ok, I didn't realise this until now... but I think it is with blue and green dogs under the shade of a red and pink lamp! Especially if theirs cupcakes and little people involved.
    Ally <'v'>

  23. I love a glass of Moroccan tea with Fresh mint: very refreshing on a hot afternoon or after a meal instead of black coffee.

    The tea ceremony in Morocco is sacred and there is quite an art form to the pouring of the tea. The higher the pour the better, which takes a bit of practice.

  24. i must hv a cup of tea everyday - it's my drug! ;) i like my tea thick n strong, and sweet. over here i use a lot of sugar n fresh milk but back home (malaysia), i like it with condensed milk. it's the ultimate staple drink for anytime of the day! ;) u can have it either hot (they 'pull' the tea so you get foam like ur cappucino) or iced, perfect for those hot summer days! :)

    tq for the giveaway....


  25. Im really a coffee drinker but the only tea I do like is Rosehip with a tiny dash of honey, yummy but not very interesting really, sorry!

  26. The best tea is after a crap day, at my neighbours house, before the school bus arrives, she makes it (far too much milk to be considered a 'proper' cup of tea), fine bone china cup. We sit together, we chat. The world seems brighter

  27. What a lovely sticker set! Love!

    I love a sneaky cup of tea out of my favourite chipped owl mug when the toddler is asleep or is doing something naughty and is distracted for a few minutes! I need something bland like milk arrowroots or teddybear biccies to dunk in it too!

  28. I really only like one type of tea. It is called Joe's bush billy tea and is from Victoria - my aunt buys it and sends it to me.

    Enjoyed with honey and black - and tastes just as good cold.

  29. I really like those stickers and have a couple of little girls who would definitely be patting the dogs goodnight too! So please, count me in.
    When I make my own tea (white with one), I like to jiggle the bag until I can't see it, and then it's ready.
    But when someone else makes me tea - I don't mind. Any way is delicious because it's been made FOR me, not BY me.
    Off to make another for myself now though...

  30. Wow those stickers would really look great in my spare room and encourage the MOTH house to repaint and get rid of the hot pink walls that we have lived with in this room for 15 years (yes that is his trade LOL)
    Oh I am really boring and only drink green tea if drinking tea and I can drink it so weak that it looks like water.

  31. The best tea is a mug of fresh billy tea, straight off the campfire in one hand, hot, buttered damper in the other...mmmmmm


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