Oct 18, 2010

Saturday night with Kevin Bacon

Really, what could be better than a Saturday girls night watching Footloose and squealing with laughter over Kevin Bacons- high- pant- girl- jeans- and just the right amount of  dance montages... it was 1984 after all...
It was such a great night.
 I was unaware at this point that Zac was missing, now home.... thank you to all your lovely messages and then later collective Phews when we found him
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  1. Love Footloose! That and Shag and Dirty Dancing....wait, am I dating myself?

  2. Those jeans look a little..uncomfortable? Wow, they don't make jeans like that anymore, and with good reason. Maybe they explain the look on Kev's face! glad you had do much fun, a good squeal can do wonders for a girl. Enjoy your week Cath xo

  3. Every body cut, everybody cut...Footloose! Kick off your Sunday shoes!

    So glad Zac is safely home, I am such a sucker for a happy ending.

  4. God I love FOotloose, and like beck Dirty Dancing too.
    Nothing could be better.

  5. In 1984 I thought Kevin Bacon was SOOOOOO HOT, even if he was wearing his harry high pants! I was only 14, my taste in the way men wear their pants has changed somewhat!

  6. I...ahem... still (looks slightly sheepish) have the soundtrack...on vinyl (SHHH- did someone say HOARDER?) And, I am confused because I wanted to marry Kevin Bacon because I thought he was a big spunk- but I do not remember those jeans. I have just requested 'Ferris Buellers Day Off' from the library. I am sure the librarian will think I am very high brow!! I might order some Kafka in next, just to keep her on her toes!

  7. It's always a little disconcerting when you can tell whether a man "dresses to the left" (or as in Kevin's case, to the right).

  8. In a rather terrible week, I am glad you got some footloose joy and a laugh!

    Speaking of montages, have you see Bret's Angry Dance from Flight of the Conchords? It's a take from Footloose and always gets a giggle from me. :-)



  9. Man, I love Kevin Bacon and I love Footloose. When I come to visit one day for pizza maybe we can watch Footloose as well. xxx

  10. Now go and hire out Pretty In Pink with Molly Ringwald and have yourself some laughs. I saw a reference on someone's sewing blog and had to hire it!


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