Sep 2, 2011

Friday : rage and love

What a mixed bag this week was. The ups and downs of parenting , running a business working part time and trying to be A Good Wife.
  • It will be funny on Sunday as Busy made Chef a Father's Day present that she is so going to insist he wear all day Sunday and that will make me laugh!

  • I was annoyed to see some mature women flirting with a barrista, to the point where he was so beetroot red and embarrassed I get annoyed with them. Can't they see that a) they are making fools of themselves and b) he doesn't like it, it is mean to make someone that embarrassed.Then, these same women when I asked for a weak coffee made a point of saying how strong they wanted theres' in an attempt to belittle me? And were sniggerly snidely at my order.Why do that?

sometimes I miss sugar, lucky it doesn't come like this anywhere 'round here.

  • It was rude that people were harrumphing and sighing and making noises in the queue behind me at the Post Office when I was mailing a big pile of orders. It wasn't during lunch time or anything but honestly you should have heard the noises of annoyance! It IS a post office and I was posting things!

  • I got a tick on the neck, got me twice the little mongrel of a thing. itch itch itch all week.

  • Their is always washing. Always. Every time I look. It will never end.

  • It is annoying that some people when they are told by preschool that there child has nits don't do anything about it so they spread.

  • It is exciting that next week that my cushions are going to be in the Newspaper!! these two- Canberra and New Orleans- next Saturday! ( don't worry i will be sure to remind you!)

  • It is hard when people get annoyed because I don't know how things that I have no business in knowing work. For example I parked in the wrong place when I was doing some work at a high school and the gate was locked. the admin woman was so rude to me- there was no sign telling me not to park there, she got so annoyed with me??? How am I suppose to know they lock the gate. The caretaker was "in the middle of a cup of tea" and everything when he had to come and unlock the gate for me.

  • It is exciting that lovely Master S who made my i-phone app. told me it has had 4300 downloads. WOWEEEEE!!!

  • It is also mind blowing to me that this week I hit 800 sales on Etsy!!

  • It was annoying that I felt blackmailed by a customer on Etsy because of the feedback system.

All in all a mixed bag. How has your week been? Hope all your Mr's have a great Fathers Day on Sunday and they get spoilt rotten!

Not to late to enter the giveaway- scroll down- I AM EXTENDING THE DEADLINE : I will notify the winners by email on Sunday night!

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