Jan 30, 2012

Do you know someone like this:

Let's just say I didn't have to look too far for inspiration for this latest design......

         In the shop now. SOLD -Thanks Jane.
               If you want one let me know- more will be ready next week.


  1. SOLD. Lest the someone I know miss out :)

  2. Mmm. Weeeel. Maybe. It coooould be me. If only I was there. Cherrie

  3. Brilliance...sheer brilliance! This pillow is awesome =-)

    You might have to make quite a few of those for us folks who suffer from FOMO, but I think you are on to that by now ;)

  4. Brilliant!
    Yup, I know a few of those types. The worst inflicted is only 6.

  5. Haha! Just fantastic! You are definitely one of a kind Cath - so many great ideas come from that wonderful mind of yours! :) Kx

  6. Love this! I've had a chronic case of FOMO for as long as I can remember. I went into remission after my son was born, but I can feel my symptoms returning now that he's 15 months old. Fighting the good fight! ;)


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