Jan 12, 2014

1/52 & 2/52

A portrait of my daughters once a week, every week, in 2014.
I am a week behind, so extra pictures this week. Thanks Jodi, this is going to help me to use my
DSLR more. When I look through my pictures there are a lot of Romi with food on her face! Since we did baby led weaning with her food, she has never been fed with a spoon and is not really interested in using it as a food transporter, as something to throw or bang on the bench, yes.

At the end of every year our friends plant a tree somewhere on our property with Marlo to give something back to the earth, to replace some of what we have taken in the past year.

We have a native stingless bee hive and at the moment amazing things are happening ther. A nearby swarm is trying to take over the hive, (obviously it's the bunting!) there are literally thousands of bees fighting it out for a place in our hive, Marlo is fascinated with them- we all are. She spends a lot of time like this:

This is a 52 project, weekly portraits of my children for a year. I think I may turn mine into a book at the end of the year. Hosted by Jodi, over at Practicing Simplicity.
this blog looks a little sparse, I am in the process of moving everything over from chunkychooky over the next few weeks.


  1. gorgeous girls! I love the tree planting idea.

    I'm looking at updating/refreshing my blog too, do you start over completely with a whole new address and everything? I'm not very good with the whole tech side of things..x

  2. Beautiful photos! It's so amazing seeing nature at work, I wonder which swarm will succeed! I hope to have some native bees some day!

  3. Stingless bees? Cool! Love the idea of planting a tree each year. I'm assuming you meant tree and not treehouse, although that would be totally cool also, but possibly a little more labour intensive.

  4. Beautiful photos! Beautiful Girls!

  5. Your photo's are so beautiful!!!! (as are your girlies...)

  6. Lovely photographs! The first photo brings back so many memories of happy, messy, little faces. Hopefully the spoon will one day graduate to being used for food as well as everything else!

    (I hope the stingless bees win in the war for the hive.)

  7. Gorgeous girls.
    And are the battling swarms both stingless?
    Could you get them them another box to settle in?
    Of course they would need some bunting too….xx

  8. Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous girls.


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