Jan 26, 2014


    A portrait ( or 2 or 3) of my children once a week for 2014.

Romi- not the most amazing photo but I really wanted to document this phase: we have now entered the bag stage, obsessed with this bag, carries it everywhere and keeps all her treasure inside. She toddles around like a little drunk back and fourth, bag on, bag off, shoes on, shoes off, hat on, hat off. Beautiful bunny made by the very clever and fabulous Jodie.
Marlo- now 7! SEVEN!!! She had her 3 besties over for cake and giggles, such lovely girls, such wonderful friends she has. 
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  1. beautiful moments captured Cath !
    happy bday again miss Marlo x

  2. So beautiful :) Great photos Cath. Kx

  3. Dancing heals all that could need it; dancing with glitter surpasses even that !~! May Seven be the best one so far.

    Every woman needs the perfect bag; i finally got mine: a Mulberry in brown leather. I need never buy another purse. It's the prettiest and most well-made bag I have ever seen anywhere.


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