Jan 13, 2014

Learning to cook

Over the last year, I have started baking. Those that know me well know this is extraordinairy on so many levels. It started with bread, the New York Times no knead bread which I discovered via gourmet girlfriend. I had a crack, when a non cooking friend was staying, we made it together and it worked!! So then I started adding things to the bread, grated potatoes and rosemary, caraway seeds (I always want to call them cassowary seeds) and caramelised onion. Then friends started asking me to make the bread for them, and I really enjoyed being able to contribute in that way. Chef was doing some catering and they asked if I could make some bread for their party!! I know!!!

And I made friends recipes. Like Kirsty's banana bread from Kate's book Vantastic.

Then we grew a million bananas and I discovered city hippy farm girls banana oat bars.

Amish cinnamon loaf (you cannot halve this recipe, I tried once and it didn'twork)
Caramel and walnut cake, I generally don't make the icing for it but if you do,halve the amount in the recipe otherwise you have a bucket full. This is the best cake, it is really easy but tastes like it wasn't! (Win!)
Cathie's easy one bowl orange cake. This was one of the first cakes I made,I trust Cathie knows what she is doing and we had a tree heavy with oranges plus I was like a moth to a flame upon seeing the words "easy"and "one bowl". Cathie has SO MANY lovely recipes. Plus she is as sweet and lovely as her cakes. (And her husband looks like Johnny Depp)
Stephanie Alexander dark choc and date meringue thingy. East peasy!
But there is SO MUCH to learn. And I am married to a Chef who this week is teaching at Camp Creative all week. So I thought I might share his lessons here. The tips and tricks he tells people about in the local supermarket when they ask him what to cook for dinner.
I can't believe I have done 3 blog posts in 3 days!
The rest of my blog is over at chunkychooky but will be moving over in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Oh my goodness, you've been a busy baking bee!
    Also, how good are Cathie's recipes? She is amazing! As are you!

  2. I have to confess, I don't like cooking. It's a duty and a chore. I do get it that others find it creative and rewarding, but I'm not one of them. Reality check though, as I'm not the bread-winner in this family, I therefore became the bread-maker... so to speak ;) ... So, I have to cook and this is what I LOVE - yummy looking recipes, fun and achievable. Thanks for the links Cath. x

  3. Thanks Kylie! I know so many people find it a chore and I realise I am so lucky. I do like being able to contribute when we have people over, and Neil doesn't really love baking so now we can each do something, plus he is incredibly helpful and supportive of my efforts in the kitchen, and it means a lot to me when he really likes something as he is so honest about it. X

  4. Geez - look at all that baking. Yummo. Wishing I was out and about in your part of the world - I'd be popping by for a cuppa without doubt.

  5. Glad to be following you now over here! All your treats look so yummy and I loved the little movie!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Oh my! What a feast! And a visual feast too..your snaps are amazing.

  7. Hearts, a Miffy and those letters, love it.

  8. Now that is a whole lot of fine baking! And that dark chocolate and date meringue thingy has my mind tick tocking...must try me some of that.

  9. Soooo much good stuff - it all looks amazing Cath!!!!!!!!!


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