Jan 21, 2014


Hello!! We appreciate the huge support we have had from the handmade community, from reading chunkychooky ( my old blog) to buying something from My Bearded Pigeon, to just saying, wow that is great, or I read your tips and tricks and it really helped me, or for just being nice! We love that!!

So we have decided it would be great to give something back to you!

Every month we will be giving away an item from our shop to one lucky person who reads our blog. Yay!!

Yes! The winner gets to choose something* from our shop and we will post it to you ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!
Here is how it's going to work:

Once a month at some undisclosed time you will see a link to this post that you are now reading at the end of a normal blog post.

When you see the link all you have to do is:

1. leave a comment on that post. (make sure we can get in touch with you.) and just let us know what you did to enter and what your fave item is.

2. Pin your favourite item from our shop to Pinterest ( you can follow us to if you like!)


Like your favourite item on FB ( you can like our page to if you like!)


tweet your favourite item from the shop ( you can follow us on twitter too if you like)


Post a picture on IG ( yep, you guess it we are there too!)


3. And be a follower of this blog.

We will post WORLDWIDE.

Is that exciting?! I am excited! I love giving presents!
The winner will be chosen at random about 3 days after the link to this post appears, winner will be announced on FB.

Leaving a comment on this post that you are now reading doesn't count as an entry, you need to leave a comment on the post that links to this- come back and check soon you will see the link really soon, maybe even tomorrow! ( hint hint)

*excludes world map cushion or world map wall hanging.


  1. what a great idea Cath. I'm glad you listed all of your sm links, I didn't realize I wasn't following you on facebook. In case this post counts for the giveaway, I LOVE the hangry pillow as I've mentioned before. I'm off to make sure I've pinned it and will also tweet. I'll share this post on the Bates Mercantile Co. fb page as well! you can get in touch with me via my etsy shop or blog, or facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/batesmercantileco

  2. Consider yourself FOLLOWED! I read most of your posts anyway so it makes life easier for me to follow you! Love what you do!

  3. Incredibly generous Cath - I am off to buy a cushion cover now because I have wanted one for ages and always get the guilts when someone is generous with a giveaway that I would LOVE to win yet I have never bought something from them (I am sure that makes hardly any sense). If the gods should smile and I ever did win your monthly giveaway I am sure my house will easily accommodate more bearded pigeon loveliness.

  4. Ooooh Ahhh...I've been eying off your beaut things for ages... I'm harbouring a secret desire to pack our 4 kids into a caravan and hit the road!! What could be better than a map cushion as caravan decor!!!
    Uh oh....I'm not in Facebook. Or twitter, nor Pinterest or Instagram. Sadly for me. Ill have to rectify that I guess.... But I do write a kinda cool blog (I think so anyway) thatbettiething.blogspot.com pop in one day!!

  5. I love the colours you use, yum! I love the Tasmania cushion cover (actually I love them all!). I pinned, I followed, I like!!

  6. How very nice Cath. We love our bit of my bearded pigeon at our place.

  7. Love my Bearded Pigeon, one of the first I think, must be time for a new one! So glad I found you blogging again here. Susie


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