Jan 15, 2014


Over the last year and a bit my pace has slowed, although there has been frantic times with the shop, overall I feel like things are slower, the pace has been set by Romi and Chef was great in doing the school pick ups, trips to post office, food shopping etc just letting me stay at home, literally. 

With a new baby I didn't want to go anywhere really, I liked just hanging around at home, just staying in the baby cocoon for as long as I could. Friends visited but I was happy to be mostly at home. 

As we are currently a little bee obsessed, I was happy to see some other bee friends in our garden the other day, we have a big cactus that has recently exploded with flowers that open at night, the bees love them.

 Can you see the balls of pollen they are collecting? I don't think I would have ever noticed something like that until we got our native hive. It is quite remarkable I think.

Some sad news hovers close to us, a friend going though a horrible illness, maybe it's that, maybe that has forced me to see, really see things, like I don't feel as if I have before. I feel as if I have always noticed little details but now I think I am taking the time to really study them, and try to remember them and appreciate them and perhaps sometimes document them. It's a nice way to be. 


  1. It's sad reading about your friend. I was about to burst out with chatter about how amazing these photos are, but now I just feel sad. I hope your friend is ok. x

    1. Sadness was not my intention at all, my friend is going through a hard time but there are still beautiful things happening everywhere.

  2. It has been a long time since I've really slowed down and allowed myself to just 'be'. I do need to do that at times but I just can't see a space for it in the near future. Sending positive wishes to your friend and to you xxx

  3. The little bits of pollen being collected looks amazing! I hope your friend pulls through the illness.

  4. Hi Cath, so great to see you in your new space here....I've been meaning to do exactly what you're doing - visit my IG friends in their blog spaces too so thank for giving me the nudge. We are on the same page with the baby thing - I've had a pretty cocooned year with the baby at home, nice to have the odd drop in but I didn't really initiate many catch-ups..not sure whether this year will be that different. Those bees and the cactus flower are pretty amazing!!! I like finding solace in nature when sad things are going on....hope your friend gets through the illness as well as possible....Mel xxx

  5. :( I hope your friend gets better. love the photos.

  6. So sorry to hear about your friend - it's definitely things like that, that will force you into looking very differently at the world around you.

    And what lovely, busy bees they are too! x


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