Jan 24, 2014

Taking stock.

Making : a Hexie blanket.
Cooking : brownies and cakes.
Drinking : water, tea.
Reading: Boy, lost by Kristina Olsson, just finished & just started The Book Thief.
Wanting: a go pro hero 3+ black please! New sunnies.
Looking: at flowers, our bees, how to get my camera off manual books.
Playing: snap judgement podcasts, peak a boo, uno.
Wasting: nothing

Sewing: hems and buttons back on.
Wishing: for better cancer treatments
Enjoying: my girls giggling at each other.
Waiting: for some time to myself
Liking: the rain, finding Chef asleep in bed with Marlo after the bedtime story, my cross trainer.
Wondering: is it this hard for everyone to run a business from home? Will my 15month old ever sleep through the night? What happens next?
Loving: family hugs, cups of tea made by someone else, my happy dogs' last sigh before he falls asleep.
Hoping: for a productive year, a happy family, love and laughter, good food.
Marvelling: at illustrations, at beauty everywhere, light.
Needing: a pool, a flying horse, another water tank.

Smelling: roses bought from roadside stalls, baby morning breath, bunnies.
Wearing: stripes and cotton
Following: climbing, grabbing, pulling, sweet little Romi everywhere.
Noticing: Copycats.
Knowing: the days are long but the years are short. (Is that a Gretchen Ruben quote or is it from somewhere else before her?)
Thinking: how big Marlo is! What shall I do for my big birthday in July!
Feeling: equally happy, energetic and stressed.
Bookmarking: recipes, books to read, camera tutorials.
Opening: mail, my mind and heart hopefully!
Giggling: at my families' shenanigans.
From here and here thanks Pip.

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  1. this is lovely..I'm hearing you on the running a business from home, yes it's hard, and even harder with limited sleep! the years sure are short, I must remind myself of this more often x

  2. These list type posts are so full if goodness. I might write one again soon.

  3. I was told the quote about how quickly time passes when my two wereoddlers - was great advice to live in the moment.

  4. I love the quote about passing time - was great advice when my kids were toddlers.

  5. So you need a flying horse too! Well, when I get one I'll let you borrow mine as long as you promise not to fly too far away ;) x

  6. So you need a flying horse too! Well, when I get one I'll let you borrow mine as long as you promise not to fly too far away ;) x

  7. i am right with you on the camera books. mine has made it to manual but stays on one setting! will get there. i love these lists. just did one last night on my blog. they remind me of the old blogging days! x

  8. Hi Cath! Found you on IG, then on FB & now I'm following along here too :)

    Love that you do Taking Stock posts, they are my favourite kind :)

    1. thanks Reannon, thanks me too, I find they really do make me think about the here and now.


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