Jan 17, 2014

This is going to freak you out!!!

Completed unrelated picture but I love my roses equally as much when they are dying. 
Every morning when I exercise I listen to podcasts, mostly TED. I always come bursting back inside the house freaking out over something I have just heard. I love freaking myself out!! I love being completely shocked by some new peice of information, even better if it's telling me something I thought was always true is completely wrong, or something I had assumed, or some mind blowing new thing that *science* is working on. I love that feeling of screaming NO WAY!!! NO!! And smacking the arm of the person telling me this amazing thing! 
So to demonstrate my point here are some awesome things that have freaked me out this week:
1. No such thing as a brontosaurus. Uh-uh there was never a brontosaurus.
2. Fortune cookies ARE NOT CHINESE! They are from Japan. A journalist took a whole bag of them to China and gave them to people and they had no clue what they were.
3. David vs Goliath, not what you have been told your whole life! David, the underdog armed with just a sling shot facing a giant powerful soldier? Uh-uh.
4. You cannot see the Great Wall of China from space. You cannot!!!
AND FINALLY *drumroll*

5. In our lifetime there will be a BABY WOOLLY MAMMOTH BORN. Our very own Mr Snuffilugigus! I KNOW!!!!!
This kind of makes my brain explode. Is it right? Is it ok to do that? Was that your first thought? That we shouldn't be doing that? Did we not learn anything from Jurassic Park? Can you imagine what that day would be like?? Can you imagine the media FRENZY. Have a listen to Stewart Brand, he is a de-extinction scientist. And I dare you not to think about this for DAYS! And I think I have mentioned this to everyone I have spoken to for longer than 5 minutes in the last week. A baby woolly mammoth. Heck that would be so awesome.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm picturing a scene from Seinfeld with Elaine right now, that giant shove and the 'get.out!'..funny!
    ..and thanks for sharing, I did not know any of that!

  2. But just imagine how lonely the baby woolly mammoth will be :(

    1. But I will cuddle the baby woolly mammoth, it won't be lonely.

  3. Un-be-liev-able! I'm shattered about the brontosaurus - they were my favourite type of dinosaur when I was little. I'm not surprised about the whole David and Goliath thing - I spent a lot of time teaching Religion (not my favourite thing in the world) last year (I teach at a Catholic school, but I'm not Catholic myself) and there are stacks of examples just like this. My Year 7's were completely fascinated with the idea that the images/ideas of Bible stories they/we have all been told actually had a very different meaning to the people who were living at the time of the stories. It blew them away that, in the nativity story when they're talking about no room at the inn, they're actually saying that there wasn't room in upper part of the houses that they used to live in, which were called inns in old Hebrew. Underneath the part where the family lived (the inn) was where the animals were kept (heat rising in winter for warmth and whatnot), which is where Mary and Joseph sheltered. The manger is a trough kind of thing where the animals food was kept and that's where they put the baby to sleep. Considering how little I, and they, were interested in Religion it was surprising how interesting we all actually found it.

    Sorry. I've written an essay there. But it is interesting isn't it, that these stories we take for granted actually had a very different meaning to the people who would have heard them told firsthand. I could go on about what I learnt about some parables but I don't want to bore you (so many of them were really kind of instructions to his apostles about the kinds of challenges they might face in preaching to others as well as messages to ordinary people about how to live a Christian life).

    Aherm. So there you go. That's what my Year 7's and I learnt about in Religion class last year!

    (I like the idea of a real life Snuffleupagus but I also like the idea of eating only ice cream all the time for the rest of my life. Not terribly practical.)

  4. I loved that David and Goliath story,Poor old blind, slow, thick Goliath!

  5. get out of town! No brontosaurus eh....apatosaurus, will muse on that one.


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