Feb 10, 2014

Do you sugru?

This is not a sponsored / gifted post, I just LOVE this stuff!!

So in October late last year I stumbled across a talk on 99u by an amazing woman called Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh. She is the inventor of sugru, described as the "best invention since Sellotape". I hadn't heard of it either,it's been around since 2010, but after listening to her talk, her determination, the fact that she never gave up, she kept going and going because she believed she had a great idea, it was so inspiring I immediately ordered some as I thought it would be perfect for Chefs birthday.

I ended up giving it to him for Christmas and it has taken us yet another month to get it out and play with it. Basically it's a Play-Doh-like substance with waterproof, adhesive and heat-resistant qualitiesand it sets at room temperature in about 24 hours.
The whole idea behind it is what interests me though. Jane, had the idea " I don’t want to buy new stuff all the time. I want to hack the stuff I already have so it works better for me.” I think they explain best here:

I cannot even begin to list the uses for this stuff, we have fixed broken shelves in our fridge, we have fixed broken iPhone chords, we have added hooks to brick walls and stainless steel. You can fix pretty much hack anything, once you start using it (you may become a little bit obsessive about how many ways you can use it) you won't be able to stop.

You can patch things up, mould new handles, just fix stuff you didn't feel like you could before. You can sugru a magent on to the back of your phone case and then put other magents in the various places you need your phone, car, treadmill etc. when you are finished you can scrape it off with a knife!!!

There are a gazillion ideas on their website, even a video on how to fix the bits in your fridge, how to childproof a camera  for kids the list goes on. I highly recommend listening to Janes talk and then I dare you not to order some!!
Have you used it? Do you want to?


  1. Ah that sounds magical and amazing, can't wait to get us some of that. Thanks for taking us to the future, lady. xxx j

  2. I have never heard of it! Sounds like something that would be right up my hubbys alley.. thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to check it out.

  3. Hi Cath, this stuff looks great - i'd never heard of it!! Can you stick picture frames to the wall with it and stuff like that? I am definately going to check it out!!
    By the way how are you ? - (I know you from school!!) XX Kate


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