Feb 27, 2014

Link-a - long

I'm joining Pips link a long! I agreed with Pip that I am seeing lots of people doing VERY similar things but not linking back to the original source. I think it's nice to link. So here is a list of people who have inspired me to keep going. To get better.
So you may or may not know I am trying to improve my photography. I now have my camera on manual and while I still struggle, I know I am improving. So this link-a-long is about photographers who inspire me. These clever people have inspired me and continue to inspire me to continue to get better! To keep at it, to keep going!
First and foremost is my friend beautiful friend Rae Dawson. Rae used to work with Chef doing front of house in the cafe. So I watched as she said I think I might study photography, to then becoming an AMAZING photographer!! It seemed to me to happen overnight, I am sure it didn't, (I know she worked really really hard!) but I was so amazed at how this talent came out of her!! Here is a photo below Rae took of Marlo a few years ago for her book!! Isn't it beautiful? Rae helped me decide on which DSLR to buy a few years back and has always been so encouraging of my business and my creativity. She is a truly beautiful and inspiring woman, inside and out. Rae use to live around the corner and I use to go to her house and we would stay up really late drinking cups of tea and eating chocolate biscuits and thinking of new ideas and lots of other things! Rae lives far away now and I miss our late night sessions.
Next up is Jay, Jay blogs at andthetrees. Jay and her family live in the same little town as us and even though I read her blog and think to myself THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING OUT and having a social life and enjoying live music while I sit at home breastfeeding, I do love her photos. Jay is very lovely as well as being very clever. She is a self taught photographer, she just has an eye for it. She captures people in such a way that sums them up. Jay takes lots of pics of live music, and I think they are some of her best pics. Like this one below, beautiful isn't it!
Next up is Naomi. I am very new to Naomi's blog and I already love it! Naomi is a photographer who lives in Tassie She takes lots of pictures of objects around her house and I love the angles she uses. I have learnt from her that you don't have to show a persons face to convey the story. I think she does that really well. But the thing that got me? I don't even really love cats (dog person) and I love her cat photos!!! Look at this one below! I can't even put my finger on why I love it so much. But I really do!
And number 4 is Luisa Brimble. You probably already love Luisa's work! Luisa has worked with lots of great publications, like Frankie and is a wonderful photographer. What I love about her pictures are they are just so bright! So much lovely light, and everyone always looks really natural and not posed. Luisa is a constant source of inspiration and I spend hours studying her photos to work out what it is exactly I love about each one, in the hope that I can try to do something like she has. She takes lots of pics of photos and people enjoying food. I love that!! Pictures like this:

I recently contributed to Luisa's kickstarter campaign, I cannot wait to get my hands on her book! As I was looking through Luisa's blog I was interested to hear her say she wanted to continue her learning and had linked to a photography book she was interested in. It's nice to see even really accomplished photographers still feeling like the can improve.
And finally, a man who quite often literally makes me weep. Brandon Stanton. I love Humans of New York so much. I love the images and the words and the fact that it's just him and a camera, no lights and sets and hair and makeup. I love that. He is also self taught- he lost his Johan d started taking photos. I love the words he publishes to match the photo. He is an endless source of inspiration as are his subjects.
So who inspires you? Who have you linked to along the way?
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  1. Oh thank you Cath for your extremely kind words and thank you for introducing me to other inspiring photographers and the opportunity to participate in Luisa's Kickstarter campaign, so very exciting. I also just wanted to put it out there that I am only a mere few corners away and quite partial to the odd chocolate biscuit I would be more than happy to try and fill a tiny little part of the void left by Rae, just saying is all. xxx big love to you.

  2. It's lovely to recognise the people who inspire us. You inspire me! Saw a load if wooden rings at the oppy not long ago and just had to buy them thinking of your gorgeous rattles... Just waiting for time and another wave of inspiration and who knows what may happen?!?!

    BTW - love your photos too. That's what happens when you're surrounded with talent.

  3. Naomi's beautiful photography always inspires me too. I think one of the things that captures me in the kitty photo is the little toe creases. Or maybe its the perspective.. it's like we're seeing from the cats view of us people.

  4. Awww shocks, you made me blush Cath. Isn't it funny though, when you find something that you want to pursue and then it totally consumes you, like a need. Photography was like that for me. I was surrounded by photographers my entire life and never had any interest in it. Until one day,in my mid 20'S, an old man gave me a Pentax with a 200mm lense and I was hooked. It's surreal to have someone, as incrediblely talented and creative and business savy and not to mention smart and funny as you, say that I'm inspirational. The reason being is, and I've found this to be true for myself, when you begin learning photography you just want to be as good as your favourite photographer. So you take thousands of photos and take courses and workshops and read books and assist photographers and take thousands more photos while becoming so determined and critical and judgemental of your own work that you barely notice that you have improved. People begin to compliment your photos, and that's nice, but you know deep down they are not as good as you wanted them to be, the angle wasn't what you had in mind or the lighting isn't as you saw it. Then you get to a point where people start to pay you for your photography, and this, while lovely creates a new level of inner turmoil as you painstakingly strive to make each image perfect while constantly living with the critic in your mind, constantly comparing your level of work to others. Here we are 12 years on and I feel no more capable than I did 10 years ago. Maybe its that old adage, "the more you learn the less you know". But you my dear friend are a true inspiration to me in all areas of your life, not to mention an awesome photographer. You're eye is already tuned, and you'll have your camera settings mastered in no time. I've met many a camera store owner who knew everything there is to know about operating a camera, but had no eye for photography. Rae xx

  5. Oh wow, that's lovely! How wonderful to be included in a bunch of such talented photographers! Thank you! xx


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