Feb 25, 2014

Lunch for 10.

We love having people over for food. It's our favourite thing. It makes us sit on our deck and look at our beautiful surrounds and appreciate it more than usual. We can relax knowing Romi can't run away or trash something or fall down a flight of stairs. Love that Marlo gets involved now and picks the flowers for the table and helps clear the plates at the end and even helps wash up. I love white tablecloths and white linen and everyone shoving food in and making noises when they taste it and making a mess and talking over each other and screaming and snorting and laughing.
We had slow cooked lamb with salsa verde. (YUM!!)
New York Times no knead bread, Pips speedy version. (I made the bread)
Soba noodle salad
A big Green salad
And dessert was raspberry chocolate brownies and apple cake, because not everyone likes chocolate for dessert. I am excited that I made two desserts and bread. I just don't know myself.
As you can see I took most of the photos without getting off my bum but they are all taken with my camera set on manual and I didn't edit them. I think they are a little dark.
I had one of those HUGE moments when someone clever related their experience to me of how unhelpful it was comparing themselves to really amazing professional photographers. You know when someone just makes a casual remark and your head just spins for days because I was doing the same and feeling like my photos were so average- and they are compared to professional photographers, but they aren't bad compared to my old photos. Ha!
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  1. I think your photos are wonderful Cath! But it is hard isn't it with the wonders of the internet where we see so much beautiful, professional stuff to compare to!

  2. Oh looks so good I can almost taste it Cath ...so you must be doing something right with your photos yes?! We like to socialise at home too. It's easy and usually lingers long into the evening which doesn't happen if you go out.

  3. yum! its good to let the happy accidents happen especially in photography.

  4. I nearly licked my computer screen then! Meanwhile, I often take dodgy photos (you don't seem to take dodgy one FYI) and I make it a point to never apologize or comment about my photos in a negative way because I am capturing the moment for me and mine NOT for someone who might judge over 'quality or depth'. Love your work!

  5. these are great pictures and everything looks so delicious! I'm so frightened of using a real camera but I really want to, I'm going to a little dslr info session at our local camera shop next month..eee! x

  6. We are our own worst critics! The food looks amazing, you're making me hungry!!! It it's always worth looking back to see how far we've come.

  7. Your photos are beautiful.
    Your lunch looked beautiful.
    You are a beautiful friend to me.
    Thank YOU!! xx

  8. oh that looks so delightful and delicious. i often struggle with those huge confidence drops when i gaze at others amazing photos, i find it hard to claw back from that at times but realise i just need to focus (hahaha) on the reason why i take photos and why I love it and those reasons have nothing to do with anyone else. Would love to share a long long lunch with you one day. xxx

  9. Oh my goodness I desperately want some of that soba noodle salad!
    what a lovely lunch it looks like you had

  10. Love your photos and especially love the subject matter. Looks delicious!!! xx

  11. Yum. Drool. Everything looks delish. I love having people over too.

  12. The lunch looks amazing! (I love your photos too, and what you said about appreciating your photos instead of comparing to professionals)
    One day, I would like to travel up to your place and join in one of your incredible lunches!! until then, I can salivate from home xx


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