Feb 7, 2014

Weekend reads

A great way to keep the doctor away.
The man married his daughter, adopted or otherwise, she was his daughter, it is appalling. These latest allegations come as no surprise, sadly the media's reaction is no surprise either. Great overview here.
Beautiful award winning images.
You will get a few laughs listening here.
This fabric is AMAZING
Why are boys rarely called bossy?
My favourite quote ever now has a movie!! (It sounds a little scratchy About 5 seconds before the quote starts)
Have you discovered this?
If you are in Sydney, you can now feast on Bellingen Gelato at 688 Darling st Rozelle. It's seriously good! I can HIGHLY recommend the Ferraro rocher and raspberry together. It's so yum! I promise!
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh my goodness, so much goodness, thanks lovely. I too am partial to that gorgeous fabric and to the hilarity on that This American Life episode, loved the tale about the guy going to retrieve the ball from the lake, too funny. Just off to get lost in the world 5by, I am stepping into the unknown, a little scared but very excited. xxx

    1. And the chiropractor called Johnny tequila!!

  2. oh those photography pictures are breath taking, just breath taking. Makes me want to get out my camera and try just that bit harder.

  3. Wowzas! That fabric!! fabulous links, thanks Cath :) Horrified at the whole Woody story. Don't like him anymore. Also horrified that the first response of those major journalists is to defend him... Since when was such a serious crime open to personal opinion? Makes me very sad.

  4. The woody thing has upset me for a long time. The fact that he married his daughter and yet it's like it doesn't matter because he makes good movies?? WTF??

  5. Well now, what a bunch of food for thought. thank you for sharing!

  6. how amazing is that clip accompanying your favourite quote!


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