Feb 14, 2014

Weekend reads

Who are you the most honest with? Who knows your deepest darkest secrets? The answer will surprise you/ freak you out a bit and make you think all day about how true the answer really is. (Listen to Act 2 by Mikko Hypponen)

I just... I...this...look...Oh...my...... *speechless* this has floored me! Such admiration I feel for people this clever!

Interesting perspective, and I do love a good infographic. But I hate people going on about how having children makes you unhappy! Shut up!! It does not!

Do you follow your passion or bring it with you??
I love the way they tell these stories.
Stock photos that represent real women.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. On the Infographic...about children. Yes they can add to a couple, but I think they also bring stress and take a lot of energy which otherwise would be directed to your partner. As long as the couple understands the dynamics of it then I would agree with you, but I think a lot of couples are not that mature in their thinking at the time they have their first child,which might account for the drop in satisfaction after the birth of their first child according to the chart. How ever it was really cool a few years ago when my dad, a man of very few words, told me that when I was born it was a life changing event for him as he realized he was a father. Helen

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! how could having kids make you unhappy? they are pure happiness.


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