Mar 9, 2014


A portrait of my children once a week for 2014.
Romi discovered the joys of "washing" the glass doors this week, and the joy of squishing her face against the glass and watching her mummy cackle with laughter.
Marlo- I love how she likes to dress for school. Long white socks, pigtails (slightly askew- I blame the unruly curls and cowlicks) she always likes to have full school uniform and it has to be clean! We are truly blessed to have such a great local public school.
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  1. Marlo sounds like my Harvey, he's very particular when it comes to school that squished face x

  2. Smooshed faces will never lose their funny aspect, will they ?~! Love the pony tails-mine looked a lot like that when was young.

  3. Love that squished little face! Cuuuuute!


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