Mar 13, 2014

Best podcasts (according to me)

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I know there are people who do not know what a podcast is and don't want to ask because they feel like it's something hey should know. I was one of those people. So a podcast is basically a radio show you can download and listen to on your device. The word podcast is made up from pod as in iPod and cast as in broadcast. I found a great overview of how to download podcast and what it all means here. There are literally a gazillion of them. You could get lost in podcast land for months.

I listen to them when I am exercising ( although sometimes I find they make me slow down too much so then I skip to fitradio) when I am at home with Romi during the day, when I am packing orders or cutting fabric, when I go for walks at work at lunchtime. I recently mentioned this on IG and was asked which ones I listen to. So here is my list:

My all time favourite is This American Life. I love Ira Glass. I love it when Ira gets the giggles. I think I have listened to hundreds of these. The Harper high school story was one of my all time faves. I can't imagine what that would be like, to send your child to school knowing they may get shot on the way home?

I also love Conversations with Richard Fidler - he interviews such diverse bunch of people and I like his interviewing style.

I recently discovered Snap Judgement, also on NPR ( same station as This American Life) I find the host a little annoying but I do love the stories, they have a weekly theme too. There are some great stories!

I am also a fan of TED radio hour, if you like TED talks you will like this. They have a theme and they highlight different TED talks that are part of the theme.

After the Jump, which is hosted by Grace Bonney from Design Sponge- love her!

Recently launched in Australia, for all your crafty business types is The New Normal I had a good chuckle listening to the clever cookie.

Porchlight has some good ones-basically its an open l mike with a theme and anyone can get up and tell a five minute story relating to that theme. it is very hit and miss but I have heard some amazing and funny stories.

I also love The Moth. True stories told by a variety of people, in front of a live audience,lots of laughs and lots of sadness and amazing amazing people telling truly remarkable tales. I do love a true story.

So which ones do you love? Let us know!



  1. Big This American Life fan here. ... and thanks for the heads-up on the rest. I trust your judgement :)

  2. Yes love This American Life. I also love sewing ones like Modern Sewciety, Abby Glassenberg's, Quiltcast and Thread Cult.

  3. Also suggested on IG :
    Design Matters

  4. Have loved This American Life and The Moth for years.They got me through loooong Sydney commutes. Also enjoy listening to Philosophy Bites and a few of the How Stuff Works podcasts - Stuff You Missed In History Class (they've even covered some esoteric Australian history), Stuff You Should Know and Stuff To Blow Your Mind.

  5. Monocles: The Stack
    The Entrepreneur s

  6. I love the theme of this post, I too absolutely love This American Life and yes Ira, oh my. And my second favourite is conversations. I don't stray too far from these two (but am excited about all the above recommendations) but i sometimes go to xxx

  7. Judge john hodgeman
    Has been recommended,.

  8. Oh and for kids we love Sparkle Stories.

  9. Ooh reading all these things about this American life, I feel like I should get onto that one!
    I only listen to two, the Suzy hausfrau podcast (wooly, yarns goodness) and Beth macs over the back fence (super good for a laugh and inspire me to clean my house ha ha!)

  10. Ha, I am totally humbled that you mentioned us on the same list as Ira Glass and The Moth! What a compliment x


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