Mar 7, 2014

Friday link back.

Although I am wary of the happiness obsession at the moment, where all other emotions are disregarded, in the pursuit of the holy grail of eternal happiness, there are certain aspects I like about it. I think a lot of aspects of "being happy" are quite simple. Like noticing, appreciating and acknowledging lovely things that are small and every day. I have always done this and I'm sure it has had a profound impact on my life. As I learn more about photography I am learning and appreciating light so much more.
Here is some weekend reading:
Palatable devastation
Very clever illustrations, not just for Star Wars fans.
And on International Women's Day a hopeful reminder.
Coffee is not dehydrating?
Are you enjoying the exercise you do?
Watching Kylie do amazing things.
And this weeks, seriously WTF here.


  1. Yes to light and yes to noticing the small things. Those small things build up and I think it's a really lovely thing to take notice with.
    Happy International Women's Day Cath. x

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  3. You are a lovely, ms Cath :) Thank you. Loved those Star Wars illustrations, also had a good laugh at the photos circulating fb of Meryl Streep's frocks for the Oscars resembling some Star Wars character each year ... did you see that one? Very funny. I wish it was on purpose, but probably not ;) Thanks again. Kx

  4. Forgot to say... re the happiness obsession... have you read "The Good Life - What Makes Life Worth Living" by Hugh Mackay? Loved this book and the first chapters are pretty much about what you were saying at the top here, ie. that chasing happiness as your ultimate goal is ridiculous and a full life has lows as well as highs etc. I'm guessing you have read it too, but if not I think you'll love it :) Kx

    1. Yes!! I heard him interviewed on radio national and then I bought he book for my friend as we had just discussed the same thing, I am dying to read it when she is finished!


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