Mar 11, 2014

Fairy Hunting

On Sunday morning we piled into the car and drove up a steep and very curvy road overlooking the valley,through World Heritage listed National Park past waterfalls and dense rainforest. We just planned to start one of the long bush walks until we got a bit tired (or whinging started) and then turn around, but we just kept walking. We walked for 7kms! Marlo was an absolute trooper, I dragged her up a few hills and it was very slow when Romi wanted to walk but when she was in the pram we practically ran!

We passed waterfalls, even walked behind one, and we saw a lyrebird and a serious amount of fairy evidence! It was glorious. Marlo listed the reasons why it was so nice to be doing this walk, it's good to get sweaty, it's good to spend time with your family, we may see fairies, I can get a chocolate a caramello koala chocolate at the end. Which of course she did. It started raining just as we got back.


  1. such great photos cath!
    looks like a wonderful way to spend a sunday!

  2. a beautiful way to spend time, I can't wait for the fairy hunts to begin here!
    Those little legs and gumboots are a bit too cute x

  3. you certainly do live in a magnificent part of the world. xx

  4. My goodness you live in a beautiful part of the world.

  5. I love Marlo's reasons for why the walk was so good - very astute! I love your photos of fairy evidence too xx

  6. So beautiful - this is what childhood magic is made of! Lovely.

  7. Wow, this is absolutely magical and beautiful and I have a heart full of wish-I-was-there.
    I have been away from blogging for years but it feels so good to be back - I had forgotten how inspiring it is to take a wonder around the world and peek into other people's lives. So nice to find you again!


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