Apr 27, 2014


A portrait of my children once a week.
Marlo - with Molly Mickey on the leash having some time out of his little cage to jump and dig. He is currently separated from Caramel and the babies so he doesn't get her pregnant again before his snip.
Romi- watching Mickey frolic.
About 5 minutes after this photo was taken it all of a suddenly poured with rain, Mickey scratched Marlo who screamed, Romi ran off down the driveway- seizing the moment I was distracted, I sent Marlo inside, grabbed Mickey, chased Romi and we took refuge in the cubby. The things you do so your camera stays dry.
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  1. Keeping that camera dry takes precedence over everything but Safety, doesn't it ?~! Good to have priorities and in the correct order. You did good, mama. Cute bunny.

  2. A picture tells a thousand words and then sometimes it doesn't... I'll bet you remember the shenanigans that followed every time you look at those snaps:)

  3. What a beautiful shot of Marlo, Cath. They are all lovely pics this week. Romi looks like she might do Mickey some damage... but I guess it was Mickey who triumphed there. Poor Marlo. x


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