Apr 8, 2014

New?? Really?!!

So a large chain store has released a new range of bed linen, you may have heard... When I saw it I though a lot of it looked familiar. I'm not going to say who they are I'm just going to tell you if you are looking for some bed linen, see the links below.
Scroll down further to see their "new range"
Top right: Harvest Textiles cloud cushion
Top left and bottom right: Fictional objects triangle fitted sheet and zig zag quilt cover
Star cushion from Colette Bream
Left: Pony rider cushion
Top right:Striped monkey softie from Etsy here
Bottom right: and my personal favourite, raindrop cushion by pauletpaula available here
Below is the "new range" from the company.
You decide.

Lots of to the moon and back cushions are here! Hundreds of variations in fact.

It's really disappointing, but not surprising as this company has done this numerous times before.




  1. oh Lordie... It's really quite terrible. This kind of large scale rip-off-ism from ONE COMPANY... I kind of get that similarities will happen, especially with craft works, as the craft is usually a generic practice. And we have social media to thank for bombarding us with images of ideas and designs that sneak into the subconscious and the come out without sometimes remembering where the idea came from...

    But to have a large company like that just rip off a whole lot of independent makers is SO LAZY. Just LAZY.

  2. Oh Cath... I've heard of that range a few days ago, but never bothered to check it out fully. Just saw your post, clicked, and now I'm upset for all the independent artists out there.

    There's inspiration, and then, there's copy.


  3. Grrrr... :(
    Good on you for putting it out there Cath.

  4. Sharing this and pretty disgusted. Why not contact the original artists and do collaborations instead. Idiots, they could make so much more out of that. Instead they flog original ideas as their own. pahh. So not buying it


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