May 24, 2014


  A portrait of my children once a week for 2014


Romi- saying her favourite word: "Noooooooooooo!"This is so her at the moment.

Marlo- On Thursday after school we said goodbye to Snowflake and Jupiter because they were heading off to their new homes on Friday after school. We talked about not crying while the friends were here to take them because we didn't want them to feel bad. Marlo was a trooper, she held it together really well, she wrote a list of all the things the buns like to give to their new owners. We talked about how great it was we knew where they were going  and theywould  be loved by the little boys who were taking them.

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  1. So beautiful! Love Romi's "Noooooo". Made me chuckle.

  2. That no face is adorable! I am visiting from the link up at Practising Simplicity.


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