May 16, 2014

Friday links and small rant.

I would like to bake this for Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey. They aren't allowed to eat it though, I get to throw it at them. I am so angry about what they are doing. I'm angry that children or other vulnerable people will not see a GP because it will cost $7 which is a lot -any of you who have ever tried to live on benefits or even know someone who has, which they have clearly not or don't- know. And that those children and adults may miss out on a correct diagnosis or follow up or the proper tests. I'm angry that our school has a wonderful welfare worker who is so great with the kids and they love him and what? Now he is going to be replaced by a Chaplain!? In a public school we decided to send our child to because we are not religious. OVER. MY.DEAD.BODY!
It's from here
So much goodness here. I think I may have even linked to it before. I think Tony and Joe need to watch this.

We love a great short animated film at our house. So clever.

We are very late to the party and have just binge watched all the previous series but we love Nurse Jackie. Edie Falco is so good at the blank stare isn't she?

I am going to make this on Sunday. We are taking afternoon tea and dinner to our friends who just had a baby boy. He is their third.

We are in the midst of more baby bunnies. Caramel had a second litter before we even knew she was pregnant the first time because RABBITS HAVE TWO UTERUS'S (uterei??) I know!! Katie told me this on IG and I can't get over it. You can see our baby bunnies here

I am a big fan of the wardrobe chuck out (give to op shop). Great infographic here to help you, if you are the hoarding type, which I am not.

No words.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Oh Cath I hear you!! I think it has been a sombre week for many families.
    PS. We can't get enough of those gorgeous bunnies. Oh the fluff is too much xx

  2. I totally agree with you on the budget debacle. And raising the retirement age to 70 my other half is a tradie and his body wont let him work that long!!!
    And whats with the Chaplin, that should no how no way be happening in a public school, yep religious based private school but not a public school - maybe you can get together with some other parents to voice your opinions on the subject.

  3. I'm too furious to form logical words about Joe's budget (which will affect me a lot, but my ex-hub on a much higher income will barely notice). So...changing the subject to cute baby bunnies. I did not know they could be pregnant with 2 litters - freaky stuff!

  4. Chaplains - oh yes - insult to injury. There's so much to be outraged about it's hard to know where to begin and how to maintain the rage, and regular life at the same time. ....breathe - baby bunnies - breathe....

  5. I can't even talk about the budget. It makes my head esplode. I'm also sick of seeing people who voted Liberal say "This isn't what we voted for!" Uhm. Yes, yes it is.

  6. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words, Cath xxx
    (And wow, more baby bunnies!

  7. You have put my thoughts into words, Cath - thank you! Xxx
    And wow! More baby bunnies!

  8. coming in from reannon's blog.
    just starting to learn a bit from my aussie friends about the debacle of the abbot administration. he sounds like a real douche bag.
    i am an american could spend the rest on my days baking 'fuck you pies' for our administration.

    holy bunny uterei! no idea.

    popped over and voted for you on etsy! hope you win! NYC totally rocks!

    nurse jackie. crazy ass LOVE nurse jackie. we are at season 4. cannot wait to get the last 2.
    looking forward to getting to know you!


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