Aug 9, 2017

Etsy Success Podcast Interview

I'm posting this today because I'm interviewed on the Etsy Success podcast ⚡️and we talked about this photo and I wanted to show you all too! "The potential is exciting, the risks are worth considering, your dream is a trickle that becomes a stream and then a gushing, overflowing river and you are swept along for the ride." I heard this quote and it immediately reminded me of my Etsy ride. I didn't ever think when I first opened my first shop 🐓in 2008 that Etsy would be such a huge part of my life. That it would woosh me around Australia and to New York and back twice and introduce me to some of the most wonderful, funny, inspiring and awesome people in the world who have become a huge part of my life, who make me cackle and cry with the kindness and opportunities they have given me, and their support and encouragement and 100% belief in me. I took this photo of Marlo a few months ago , a re-enactment of the photo that made the trickle a river, we have both grown in so many ways since that first photo it's been a fun ride! Link to listen HERE

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